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“Make the decision you’re most afraid of making” – that may be the best piece of advice I’ve ever been given.

One of the things that drove me past the fear needed to make the decision to retire from the sport I love at just 26 years old, was the desire to pursue a new dream and reinvent myself.

Being a professional athlete was my biggest dream growing up, but over the years I also had another dream bubbling inside me.

I’ve always been weird in the sense that I enjoy public speaking. And the more I saw that my story – injury, setback, adversity, fear, triumph, overcoming – was having a positive impact on people, the more I wanted to tell it. I didn’t have the first idea on how to get started as a full time speaker, but life has a way of rewarding bold decisions. In 2015 I was invited to speak to major companies, at major events, and to crowds as far away from the world of sport as possible. I even spoke several times during an 8-day tour of Rwanda in Africa. I had a great time holding a microphone and sharing my insights on what it takes to overcome adversity, be a leader, set goals and reach them, all while still being a human with flaws.

I knew I wanted to speak and tell my story even though I didn’t know how I was going to do it. I felt the fear but I took the first step, and long story short, it’s how I make my living now. I’ve seen enough of life to know that there is a lot of good waiting for you on the other side of that major decision you’ve been afraid to make – so don’t delay, make it!

This coming year and beyond, I’ll be broadcasting for the Sounders still (something I’m very happy to continue doing), and I’ll also be coaching youngsters when I can.

I’ll also be doing even more speaking across the country and internationally.

We all have dreams and goals and the desire to be significant – but it takes courage to pursue those things when everyone and everything seems to be against you.

It was a dream come true to be a professional athlete, wow, that really was an amazing few years! And now as I pursue my new dream of inspiring people as a speaker, I hope I can be a good example of someone that used the worst life had to offer as a launching pad into a new career. It’s amazing to think that my terrible injury opened a desire to connect and inspire people to face life head on – it made me an author and a speaker!

I want to take every lesson learned, every failure, setback, and moment of doubt, as well as every success, high point, and all the good I experienced and inspire others. I want to let you know that you are stronger than what you’ve had to overcome, that what you have inside you is so much greater than what you’ve faced.

I’ve decided to use my worst moment to launch a new platform. To engage with you and share my story. To inspire you to rise above your own adversities. To help you find a vision so big that life becomes exciting again and your greatest gifts are used to serve others.

The best chapter of your life has not been written yet, and I want to help you write the best story you can for your own life.

I’ll be blogging regularly about my life, my thoughts on the Sounders season , soccer in general, and current events, so subscribe to my Youtube Channel along with the mailing list to stay in touch.. and I hope we can inspire each other to greater things!


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